Veteran Own Bussiness

As individuals seek methods and or opportunities to bridge the gaps in communications, we at Cerbros hope to provide that basic service and or support. The organization has three primary goals within the Information Technology field. The first goal is to provide insight into various services and platforms that are accessible to the average user community and to the business community. The second goal is to educate individuals and organizations about technologies or methodologies to implement better security. The third goal is to demonstrate these methodologies as it pertains to various designs or implementations. These goals will align with various well documented Project Strategies, Design Methodologies, and ITIL processes.

Cerbros is geared towards and targets the ever changing society of cyber threats, methodologies, tactics, and computer capabilities. As services and capabilities enhance, the organizations and or team aims to provide a resilient source for information, methodologies, and tactics to address common cyber security issues.

Capabilities Statements


Detail-oriented, customer-focused professional leveraging broad-based technical expertise to support 24 x 7 environments; facilitating optimal availability, accessibility, interoperability, and integrity of enterprise data, systems, networks, and applications. Safeguard sensitive data and defend against system and network intrusion through development and implementation of highly effective IT networking designs, procedures, and security policies. Developed and assisted team members on critical mission efforts and exercises, to increase the mission effectiveness and provide general expert knowledge to the customer or sponsor.